Action / Horror

Wyrmwood Apocalypse

Starring: Luke McKenzie, Shantae Barnes-Cowan, Jake Ryan

In a zombie infested Australian wasteland, hard-edged soldier Rhys (Luke McKenzie – Jack Irish) – who uses zombies as fuel for his barbie – dedicates his days to tracking down and capturing survivors of the Zombie apocalypse for the Surgeon (Nicholas Boshier – The Moth Effect) in hope of finding a cure for the zombie plague. But all is not as it seems, and Rhys’ moralistic misadventures are much more macabre than he knows...

Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead in this zombie-splatting action-packed Aussie gore-fest After a wild and twisted sequence of events, Rhysjoins forces with Maxi (Shantae Barnes-Cowan – Total Control) with brother and sister-duo Brooke (Bianca Brady – Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead) and Barry (Jay Gallagher – Nekrotronic) in a race against the clock to save the one person who could be the key to ending the apocalypse...