Crime / Documentary

The Scare Film Archives Vol.1 - Drug Stories

Starring: Florrie Fisher

Part of the 101 Films x AGFA range.

What’s the best way to prevent young people from destroying their lives in a downward spiral of drug-fueled jubilation? Obviously, the answer is sentient LSD tabs, spiders on speed, and an ex-junkie named Florrie Fisher (the real-life inspiration for Amy Sedaris’s Jerri Blank character on STRANGERS WITH CANDY) berating them into submission. THE SCARE FILM ARCHIVES VOLUME 1: DRUG STORIES! collects the best-of-the-best educational drug-scare films from the twentieth century. Lovingly curated from Something Weird’s vaults, AGFA and Something Weird are thrilled to present 2K preservations of these bad trips, bummers, and flip-outs, all from original 16mm prints that were inflicted upon children in classrooms across the USA.

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