The Last Broadcast

Starring: Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler

The Last Broadcast (1998) is disturbing, ambiguous, and a landmark in the history of the found footage genre. An early all-digital motion picture, its format precluded it from wide release at the time, and while the phenomenal commercial success of the following year’s The Blair Witch Project sparked the golden era of found footage, The Last Broadcast’s influence and cult status has been steadily growing since its relatively low-key original release.

Synopsis: In 1995 a four-man team from the cable-access program Fact or Fiction braved the desolate New Jersey Pine Barrens determined to deliver a live broadcast of legendary monster, the Jersey Devil. Only one came out alive. The lone survivor was sentenced to life in prison, but filmmaker David Leigh is convinced that he's innocent. Could the Jersey Devil still haunt the barrens?