Crime / Drama

The Boys Next Door

Starring: Maxwell Caulfield, Charlie Sheen

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR is a violent and disturbing crime thriller from director Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilisation), starring Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen as a pair of handsome teenagers who embark on a sickening killing spree in Los Angeles. The film was written by Glen Morgan & James Wong — then teenagers themselves — who would go on to find success writing many early episodes of The X-Files and with the franchise-launching 1999 horror Final Destination.

Synopsis: Bo Richards (Charlie Sheen) has trouble talking to girls. Roy Alston (Maxwell Caulfield) is filled with an uncontrollable rage. On the weekend of their high-school graduation, the two suburban outcasts head for Los Angeles and embark on a violent murder spree that shocks the nation. But these young men are neither hardened criminals or foaming-at-the-mouth maniacs. They are simply The Boys Next Door.