Comedy / Music

Kat and the Band

Starring: Ella Hunt, Katherine Kelly, Joanna David

Kat and the Band is a film that celebrates the power of dreams and the special spark that young women everywhere can find within themselves to pursue them, starring Ella Hunt (Anna), Dougie Poynter (of McFly), Katherine Kelly (Official Secrets) and acclaimed singer-songwriter Badly Drawn Boy.

Music obsessed Kat Malone (Ella Hunt) has big dreams. She longs to be a professional band manager and, with a contagious energy, succeeds in persuading struggling indie pop group, “Dollar Days” and its bassist (played by McFly’s Dougie Poynter) to take a chance on her. There’s just one important detail she’s not telling them: She’s only 17 and still at school!

Kat and the Band